The Saxby Strategy came about whilst working alongside some of the worlds most vulnerable and inhumanely treated people - those affected by human trafficking. The strategy fundamentally acknowledges that helping others is complex, messy, never unbiased and a risky investment of time and resources. We believe this must be the case because we as humans are complex, messy, biased and self-determining.

It also acknowledges that a difficult challenge does certainly not mean an impossible challenge, quite the contrary, and so we are asking for those also challenged by the embarrassment of human trafficking to join us in our pursuit of the art of helping others by partnering with us in the endeavour.

Daily we pray that our children would never need know about the atrocities that so many men, women an children endure only because another person thinks they have the right to commit them. We pray and we work to make the difference. 

We'd love to answer any of the questions you have, like the work we're involved in, the organisation we're partnering with and any other information regarding life in Cambodia or human trafficking.     


Before moving to Cambodia Hayley worked as a sports physiotherapist in Townsville, North Queensland. She used her expertise in Cambodia working with survivors with disabilities, as well as developing and managing volunteer programs. She is now a full time mum of three. 

“My mum and dad always said they thought I’d end up in the deepest, farthest parts of the world looking for someone to help, though I don’t think it made it any easier for them when I actually did it!
I’ve always had a strong sense of justice; a passion for learning and a brash stubbornness to stick things through despite the odds, so I guess this life was inevitable. I’m incredibly grateful to have my husband at my side and the loving support of friends and family both in Australia and here in Cambodia.
Now raising three children of our own, the passion to see them grow up in a world without human trafficking is as strong as ever. Heaven forbid it was one of my own.”


With a Bachelor of Psychology and Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, much of Dave's career has seen him working directly with people. He's worked in schools, community development programs, disability support, employment programs and most recently in Cambodia with child-survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse.

"I have a terrible memory, but my wife tells me that during our pre-marriage counselling we used to have long discussions about how afraid I was of living a 9 - 5 kind of life. You might think I must have been warning her that I wasn't the settling down type but I was only bluffing, simply trying to impress her. Thankfully, years later, she called my bluff and convinced me (petrified) to move to Cambodia.
I've been challenged, stretched, hurt, grown and most of all THANKFUL ever since."

Campaign: The hike!


Introducing Sue, Greg, Kris and Mary who together are proving that anyone can live their passions AND work towards better world in the process. These hikers love...well hiking! And are planning a trip across "The Australian Camino", a 192km pilgrimage from Portland Victoria to Penola South Australia. This trek follows the life and work of Saint Mary MacKillop and ends in the birthplace of Saint Mary MacKillops order. 

We're honoured this group of intrepid travellers would dedicate this walk in April 2019 to raising funds for the Saxby Strategy. 


campaign: School Time!


When we arrived in Cambodia we had ZERO children. Could it be now that our baby girl is ready for SCHOOL??!!! Genevieve will be due to start Prep in August of this year and we're looking for anyone who would like to "sponsor a child" so-to speak and assist us getting our big girl enrolled.

One of the cheapest, small, parent-run schools around is where we are hoping to send Genevieve, which will cost $3850 USD ($5000 AUD) for her first year. You can check out the details of the school...

  In simplest terms: Our future helping survivors in Cambodia depends largely on our kids getting an education. If you'd like to partner with us specifically for this please donate below.

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